Thursday, June 25, 2009

After reading "IT Managers confession"

Today I found a very interesting book about IT manager, below are the some points I got from that book:
  • Good team knows how to handle their manager, train the manager to do things their way.
  • As a manager, if you do not like someone and you can not get rid of him/her, then it is better promote him/her to another position, so he/she can leave the group. But keep the good people with you.
  • Find a Yancey man who can speak for you. He has excellent communication skill , he can talk regular language to customers and stake holders. But you need him to follow you, speak your mind not his own mind. That is hard.
  • Looking Busy:
  1. arrival early and leave late does not mean you hard, you can leave in the middle.
  2. Using MS project to create a lot of report.
  3. A lot of meeting and crisis management.
  4. Ask your developer to send everything for you to approval.
  5. visit other department regularly.
  6. find any chances to complain too many emails.

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