Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to do as architect

1. Management of non-functional requirement
a. help the stakeholders to list all non-functional requirement:
performance, security, scalability, availability, maintainability, audit, extensibility and I18N

2. Architecture definition
Every system has a architecture, but not every has a architecture defined. The architecture definition process lets you think about how you're going to take the requirements plus any constraints imposed upon you and figure out how you're going to solve the problem. Architecture definition is about introducing structure, guidelines, principles and leadership to the technical aspects of a software project.

3. Technology selection

4. Architecture evaluation
Risk, benefit.

5. Architecture collaboration
Go through it and make sure everybody involved understand it and buy in.

6. Ownership of big picture.

7. leadership
Taking responsibility, providing technical guidance, making technical decisions and having the authority to make those decisions

8. Coaching and mentoring
Sharing experience with other members.

9. Design, development and testing

10. Quality assurance

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