Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hiring strategy

hire-above-the-mean (or Lake Wobegon). Always hire people better than yourself.(???)

a. Always hire developers better than we have currently (IQ + EQ) at the same level.
b. When we measure the skill, we also need to consider the future grow.
c. For Senior position, skill + experience = 60%, EQ = 20%, 20%= future grow
For Intermediate position, skill + experience = 40%, EQ = 30%, 30%= future grow
For Junior position, skill + experience = 20%, EQ = 30%, 50%= future grow

Low EQ means low team spirit. Depends on the position, some senior position which does not require high EQ, and those experts can and prefer individually, if we have those positions, then EQ is not really required.

Reference below link for more details.


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