Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spring singleton and prototype

Recently I was asked something regarding spring singleton, below are some of my thought.

1. First Spring singleton is not same as java singleton. For example.

SampleBean beanOne = (SampleBean)context.getBean(“sampleBean1”);
SampleBean beanTwo = (SampleBean)context.getBean(“sampleBean2”);

Evern in spring application context, samepleBean1 and sampleBean2 refer to the same implementation, they are still not the same.

In Java singleton, they are the same thing.

2. For exmaple:
SampleBean beanOne = (SampleBean)context.getBean(“sampleBean”);
SampleBean beanTwo = (SampleBean)context.getBean(“sampleBean”);

Under singleton scope, beanOne is the same as beanTwo.
Under prototype scope, beanOne <> beanTwo

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