Friday, February 24, 2012

Best Pratctices for Successfully Project

Some thoughts regarding running IT project successfully.
1. Major stakeholder involvement, and communication with development team. If the development team, especially primary designers(BA and Architect) can communicate with the major stakeholder regularly, then it will the DEv team to align the direction. In a project while ago, Dev team had been working on development for about 6 months based on the requirements BA collected and signed by users about 9 months ago, there is no communication between major stakeholder and development team during that time period, later that project was shut down as requirements are out of date. This is also a big issue for Waterfall.
2. IT project and business requirement design are professional jobs, need specific skills and technical knowledge. Many times we see in a project,


  1. James...
    What do you think, can all the requirements can be visualized in a developer's mind at design time.

    I always find it extremely difficult to make design document, by just looking at the requirements.
    My Manager says, think think and think, and write everything in the design document like the table names, classes, functions, member variables etc.

  2. It is hard to visualize all the requirements in a developer's or group developer's mind. Actually it is hard to collect all the requirements in one shot or multiple shots before design time. This is the reason why we need agile method, we do not need to have all the requirements during design time, but we need to build a flex application structure, which can be changed when new requirements come into picture or existing requirement changed.